Advances in Generating Real-World Evidence from Real-World Data Using Artificial Intelligence

  • Merry Ward, PhD, Clinical informatics Innovation Manager, VHA Digital Health Office
  • Evan Carey, PhD, Acting Director, National Artificial Intelligence Institute, AI and Emerging Technology, VHA Digital Health Office
  • Matthew Samore, MD, Director IDEAS Research, SLC VAMC

Veteran Health Administration is the largest integrated health care system in US. This session will (A) Introduce AI infrastructure resources and programs in VHA; (B) Describe examples of current problem-solving using AI methods within VHA; (C) Engage participants in developing approaches to newly identified needs for AI solutions; and (D) Provide opportunity for meet and greet among VA attendees, attendees supporting VA projects, and attendees interested in VA efforts.    


VHA attendees, attendees supporting VHA projects, and attendees interested in VHA efforts.